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The major Purros and Three Palms Mylonite Zones have calculated shear displacements on the order of 120–180 km.These shear zones are moderately to steeply dipping mylonite zones of 1–5 km width, are arcuate and curvilinear in map view and show along-strike variation in slip kinematics.He has received the Stillwell Award for the best paper in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences for 19.County archaeologists over the past several years have uncovered centuries of Native American history at Pig Point along the Patuxent River, now they think a vast settlement surrounded the ceremonial gathering spot.Deformation character also varies from upright open folding in amphibolite facies domains in the north, upright tight chevron folding in a low-grade central domain, to a high-grade domain of tight to isoclinal inter-folded basement and cover, with inclination decreasing towards the south.The Kaoko Belt is a well-exposed sector of an extensive (3000 km long), broad (400 km) arcuate orogenic system “Adamastor Orogen” that amalgamated West Gondwana, bringing the South American (Sao Francisco and Rio de la Plata Cratons) and African (Kalahari and Congo Cratons) components together.He is a graduate from the University of Newcastle (BSc Hons) and Macquarie University (Ph D).After completion of his Ph D David spent time in a Tutorship at the University of New South Wales (1975–1977), 6 years at Virginia Tech in the USA (1977–1983) and 18 years lecturing at Monash University in the School of Geosciences (1983–2001).

Mid-crustal transpression at amphibolite to granulite facies conditions is dominated by two major, 400 km exposed, strike-slip shear zones bounding a 20–40 km wide high-grade Orogen Core.His research interests include the tectonic evolution of eastern Australia, the structure of the Otago Schist belt in New Zealand, the structure and tectonic evolution of the Damara Orogen in Namibia, and the emplacement of ophiolite onto the Oman margin of Tethys with the impacts on the hydrocarbon basins of the Arabian Peninsula.In 1997 David was awarded the Victorian Division of the Geological Society of Australia Selwyn Medal for his contributions to Geology and in 1998 the Geological Society of Australia Carey Medal for contributions to Structural Geology and Tectonics.To the east, a deeply buried nappe-dominated Escape Zone has inverted metamorphic sequence and verges outwards onto a platformal foreland.To the west, an arc-like Neoproterozoic Coastal Terrane was amalgamated and variably reworked during transpression.

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