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Two notes is known for the most accurate and feature rich Loadboxes in the world, using the reactive technology, in other words mimicking perfectly the impedance of a speaker.Your amp will absolutely believe it’s connected to a real cabinet.Monitoring can be achieved through the embedded guitar or bass speaker simulation, or through the Torpedo Wo S plug-in software.Wall of Sound (Wo S) is a speaker and miking simulation plugin.It allows for full volume or a fixed – 20d B attenuation.Keep your amp in its sweet spot while at manageable volumes.

Monitoring can be achieved with the embedded speaker simulation, through a dedicated stage monitor system.

Playing silently or at low volumes is often a requirement, especially at home but more and more on stage or in the studio.

To play your amp without a cabinet you need a Loadbox.

The Torpedo Captor is all you need to mic an amp on stage without the hassle of using a microphone.

The Torpedo Captor is an amplifier DI box, designed to be used between the amp head and the speaker cabinet.

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