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"Punjabi is my mother tongue, even though I've been born and brought up in Delhi." Coming next is a title track for Santa Banta, an upcoming Bollywood film.

Having dabbled in a series of regional languages, the only thing that remained unexplored was a Punjabi film. I had done Telugu, Kannada and Marathi films but never a Punjabi film.

Dressed in his white coat, medals and badges covering a larger part of his chest, Chef Thomas A Gugler makes for a commanding presence at the Tourism Fest on at Parade Ground-17 in Chandigarh.

Having achieved so much (the medals he's supporting are only ones earned in just two years, there's a stock full of others), what's next?

Thomas has enjoyed his run won the world championship at 18, was executive chef with Sheraton at 20 and went on winning titles and coaching teams for competitions around the globe.

"That's how life should be for everyone; learning, earning from different cultures."Ask him on what goes into the making of a good chef and he says, "Passion and dedication is one.

A lot many raise hopes and hibernate into oblivion.

The very few who do make a mark appear worth the wait and anticipation.

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