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It was during another impromptu dueling session in early August that the mother of all flukes happened: Morag, in an attempt to dispel a wall Harry had conjured up to hide behind, shot an overpowered 'Finite' at it, but, being off balance, overshot by an inch and hit Harry - who was carefully peering over his cover - square on his scar, sending him screaming to the floor.A couple of hours later when the pain had receded to manageable levels, he dispelled the wall himself - that is he intended to, but he wound up dispelling the space enlargement charm on the room as well. A hastily summoned, trustworthy (and generously paid) Healer did a specialized scan on Harry's head, finding residue of an ancient - and severely dark and illegal - leeching enchantment in his scar, which by the way was beginning to finally heal.

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It was in fact a transfiguration, or more precisely a continuous conjuration.The letter read: Potter, I don't know what you did, but the Master has been in his chambers since yesterday afternoon, screaming himself hoarse.No Death Eater who wants to live will go near him under these circumstances, since those who've come too near all dropped dead, and nobody will ever believe in his superiority again. The letter was signed in blood, and Harry was speechless for all of ten seconds before he exploded into action.Next morning Harry was just contemplating how his luck seemed to have changed when he got final proof.An owl, unknown to him, arrived carrying a letter, and since he was still deep in thought, he opened it without care.

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