Barlowgirl no more dating

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Being aunts is something that seems to relax us, to take the kids out shopping or to the library, which is what we did yesterday, it just seems to make all the stress melt for us girls," said Alyssa.

It just brings back memories of when we would do it as kids. We love going to Florida."Lauren loves the traveling despite the rigorous schedule, "The best thing is we get to see the world and I think it is an opportunity that we wouldn't have had if we weren't in a band.If we weren't best friends with my brother and his wife I wouldn't care I would love to be on the road all the time.Our brother is totally our best friend and so is his wife.We would never ever not accept them because of their lifestyle. There were other people who said, 'That is good for you girls but I am going to keep living the way that I want to live.' Yes, we did lose friends because of it."I asked Becca to explain the significance of the purity rings that each of the ladies wear."We each received our purity rings when we were sixteen years old.

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