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Each blog page includes a fully customizable sidebar which is populated with a few default elements that you can edit or remove and replace. You can add more content by dragging elements to the sidebar.There is a "Blog Sidebar" category in the Build tab that is meant to be used only with the sidebar, but you're welcome to use other elements as well. Mouse over the element you want to get rid of, then click the X that appears to delete it.I can’t just get up in front of the class and talk for 3 hours. I have to develop creative ways to keep them engaged and active during that time.Yes, I lecture, but it’s broken up as much as possible with in class exercises and activities to apply the academic material to the real world.

A new kind of a trend in marketers in which they create new blogs for upcoming events.

The Slashdot effect can hit blogs or other website, and is caused by a major website (usually Slashdot, but also Digg, Metafilter, Boing Boing, Instapundit and others) sending huge amounts of temporary traffic that often slow down the server.

The term used when a blogs feed is added to a feed reader like Bloglines or Google.

For that, they buy EMDs or exact match domains for the upcoming events to attract people who are searching for that event.

Because their domain is rich with keywords — they get better rankings in search engines.

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