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[This particular scene has been rated as one of the worst sex scenes ever filmed.] Restless, miserable and reckless Gina also visited Hank on a weekly basis to have sex in his dumpy apartment.

During one clandestine tryst, he wanted to run away with her and escape his debts and disastrous problems in his life, but she reminded him of his responsibilities (child support, his daughter, the rent, etc.).

Exhausted after repeated sex with an aggressive blonde sex addict Tiffany (Ashleigh Hubbard) that he had picked up at a group therapy session, Dwight was forced to flee.

The victorious Beta House celebrated with a toga-party, during which Cooze had sex with Denise who pleasantly surprised him with female ejaculation, and Erik found love with Ashley.

Robert Duvall: "I love the smell of boobies in the morning"), he entered the co-ed dorm bathroom to urinate where he met pretty Ashley (Meghan Heffern), while another dark-haired beauty revealed all as she left another shower stall. (Stephany Sexton) opened her top to reveal her stomach with painted Beta Delta Xi letters to trick prospective pledges.

In Erik's room, gum-chewing chubby girlfriend Margie (Christine Barger) was "riding the white whale" of her equally chubby boyfriend Bobby (Nic Nac), Erik's roommate, while they were cooking bratwurst - until she began choking on her gum and required the Heimlich Maneuver from behind performed by Erik. During a stripper brawl in the Silver Dollar Room club while pledges vainly attempted to complete task # 37, two topless lap-dance strippers (Sabrina Oliveira and Dawne Furey) entertained two Beta brothers.

In an against-type role in this Mike Nichols biographical drama, Tom Hanks portrayed womanizing Texas House of Representatives' Democrat Charlie Wilson.

His main claim to fame was involvement in the covert war against Russia in Afghanistan to end the Cold War in the 1980s.

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