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Patients in the residential treatment program generally stay for 28 days.

During this time, they are exposed to 12-Step principles in a therapeutic framework that includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), life skills training based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and intensive relapse prevention counseling.

As we walked down the main street, we saw a diverse mix of families and young people eating lunch on the many restaurant patios or excitedly heading toward the Tennessee Aquarium, which is located on the waterfront. ” When we got to the river I seriously thought I was having mimosa-induced hallucinations: people were PADDLEBOARDING and also DOING YOGA ON THEIR PADDLEBOARDS right there in the middle of the Tennessee River.

We stopped for lunch at the Bluewater Grille, which was pretty much the opposite of the traditional Southern diners I’ve come to know and love: super chic, modern decor, a menu of fresh seafood, beer brewed in-house, a shockingly extensive self-serve bloody mary bar, and — my personal favorite — mimosas (! Nick had a veggie burger and I had a salmon caesar salad; both were delish. I know paddleboarding is super trendy right now all over the country, but I’ve only done it in Hawaii, and I was just totally not expecting to see it here.

Do you live in a city that is constantly misunderstood or unappreciated?

Shoot me an email at [email protected] with your nominations and I’ll help you spread the word about these hidden gem destinations that deserve way more credit.

Again, There’s a beautiful old pedestrian bridge that crosses the river, so we strolled across that to check out the “north shore.” I popped into a couple cute clothing boutiques and we spent some time rifling through the racks at a used record store. It was flavorful, creamy, rich but somehow also light.

Chattanooga obviously prides itself on being artsy and a little offbeat — there are tons of unique galleries and shops selling handmade art, home goods, and jewelry, and street art is everywhere (my favorite was the sidewalk installation which included instructions for dancing the mambo). Nick had a scoop of their sweet cream flavor that I’m still having sex dreams about. We left in the late afternoon to avoid driving home in the dark, but let me tell you, after spending one fairly short day in Chattanooga, we are itching to go back.

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The facility offers on-site medically-monitored detox. Directed by a physician and monitored round-the-clock by nurses, detox treatment generally takes four to 10 days.And now, let’s discuss the city I visited a couple weeks ago that inspired this whole idea: Chattanooga, Tennessee.I don’t really know what I was expecting when my boyfriend Nick and I set off on a quick one-day road trip to Chattanooga.Focus Treatment Centers offer compassionate, comprehensive and affordable treatment and advocacy for adults struggling with substance use and eating disorders.Our therapeutic and philosophical framework utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to support our patients in achieving long-lasting behavior changes based on acceptance and mindfulness practices.

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