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Despite Las Vegas being almost a Big Brother-like state thanks to the hotels' supped up private security, police have changed the official timeline of the shooting not once but three times.According to the first timeline, Campos was shot by Paddock after he stopped shooting at the music festival across the street.As he was taking cover, maintenance worker Stephen Schuck arrived on the floor to see about the door issue.He accompanied Campos on Ellen and credits the security guard with saving his life.Ellen made sure that the two didn't leave empty handed.The NFL offered to fly Schuck out to see his favorite team, the Colts, while Shutterfly is paying for Campos' season tickets when the Raiders move to Las Vegas.After calling the issue into maintenance, Campos started walking down the hall away from the door when he says Paddock started shooting at him through the door of his suite, located just to the right of the stairwell door.'I heard rapid fire,' Campos recalled. Stephen Schuck (left) and Jesus Campos walk onto The Ellen De Generes Show in California where he attempted to explain the confusing events that led up to and after his shooting by Stephen Paddock in Vegas Campos says he came to the 32nd floor to check out a door that wasn't opening.When he came up the stairs he says he found the inner door blocked and had to take the elevator up to check it out from the other side, when he found that it had been shut with a metal brace.

When she presented the two with a large check, Campos began to tear up.As the interview was wrapping up, Campos took a moment to thank the people who came together and helped end the shooting and who tended to victims.'Everyone came together to help that night even in the darkest hour,' he said. Campos approaches Paddock's room looking for an alarm going off at a door nearby - likely from the stairwell. So he went back down to the 31st floor and rode the elevator up to the 32nd floor, where he saw that the door had been secured shut with a metal brace.Campos said he heard 'drilling' sounds, so he thought the maintenance team might be working on a project. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood and that's when I called it in on my radio.' While that recollection lines up with the newest timeline, Ellen didn't ask him anything about the prior conflicting timelines.

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