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Created by Simon Tofield in 2008, Simon's Cat is on a constant mission to get fed.

Enjoy this hilarious collection of 16 of his most famous escapades.

This Joke Starts With a Blonde Being Sick of Blonde Jokes This blonde is so fed up of blonde jokes that she decides to change her hair color.

Little did she know that she would be exposed just the same...

After a man finishes a night of passion with a prostitute, he tells her he'll mail her the money.

Before he does so, however, his guilt takes over... (Funny Joke) A husband and wife are having an argument over who should brew the coffee.

Funny Joke: Remember Not to Panic On Your Wedding Day This newlywed is in a flap because she forgot the garment that she wants to wear for her husband.

He knocks on the door to find out what's going on...

Hilarious: The "Apartment" Wasn't to My Liking, Miss!

Little does the husband know that his wife already has the argument won...

Hilarious: Excuse Me, Can I Borrow Your Blanket Please?

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