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He gave us his email address, and after we returned to our hotel that night, we looked him up on Facebook.Turns out, his name is Michael Wiener, and he is a former New Mexico State Senator, and the current County Commissioner in Bernalillo County.It is good that you have pride for your country and home town, but what you are saying is that we should all turn a blind eye, and have a good time.

The final destination of our trip was Angeles City, the second largest sex tourism destination in the world.It is a city that has a population of almost 350,000 people.But you chose one street (Fields Ave) that is about a mile long with bars, discos and restaurant and paint the city in your blog as a dark place for sex tourism.I think these images say what I feel needs to be said.This is the one picture from this series that is not from Angeles. TAGGED WITH : documentary photography, exploitation, bars, Commissioner Wiener, human trafficking, Fields Avenue, Michael Wiener, Arts Aftercare, New Mexico, politician, Philippines, State Senator, prostitution, sex tourism, Walking Street, Angeles City, bar girls, editorial photographer, Photography, John Keatley, Seattle photographer John, I really enjoyed this series. I didn't feel like it was a problem shooting on the street.

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