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Beckham said: "I am delighted to be supporting the wonderful work of Save the Children through the Fashion Saves Lives Sale.

As a mother, I passionately believe that all children, wherever they live, have the right to a happy, healthy life.

Earlier this year Coleen suggested on a number of occasions that if she was to fall pregnant again she wouldn’t mind if she didn’t have a girl – saying she was quite happy being the only woman around the house.

She said: “People go on about, ‘Don’t you want a girl? It would be nice if I did have one, but the boys are great.

"You can try for a baby and whether you have a girl or a boy is a different matter.

But like any doting mother, the star was delighted when she welcomed little Kai into the world in November 2009.Coleen first hit headlines when she was still at school and started dating Wayne Rooney , an up and coming footballer.She was known for her quirky sense of fashion and constant trips to designer boutique Cricket in Liverpool, leaving laden with bags.And just a few years later she fell pregnant again and gave birth to another boy Klay in May 2013.Two years later and she was pregnant once more and this time found herself being faced with the inevitable ‘are you hoping for a girl? She said at the time: "I'd love a girl because it would complete the family." However she refused to find out the sex, despite finding out the two times before, saying: "When it came to the crunch at the scan, I had thought I’d want to know – but it turns out I didn’t!

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