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The Chief Secretary to Government, in case of Secretary to Government and Heads of Departments, shall be the authority to whom the declarations are to be submitted. Judicial Officers shall submit their property statements to the High Court for preservation.] Officers who are on deputation or transferred temporarily to another cadre shall submit their property statements to their authority in the parent cadre in which they are borne or retain a lien. It has always been enjoined upon the officers that any encroachment upon Government lands should be immediately dealt with and eviction of the unauthorised occupants effected, but the instructions are followed more in the breach than adherence in as much as there are a number of cases of encroachments which have been subject matters of litigations because the unauthorised occupants have claimed continuous possession over a long period of time.On their permanent transfer to another cadre or Department all sealed covers containing their statement shall be transmitted to the appropriate authority in their new cadre or department competent to preserve them. Apparently such occupation for a long period of time is definitely the result of inaction of the Government functionary to take timely action.No Government servant shall, except in accordance with any general or special order of the Government or in the performance in good faith of the duties assigned to him, communicate directly or indirectly any official document or information to any Government servant or any other person to whom he is not authorised to communicate such document or information. No Government servant shall, except with the previous sanction of the Government or of such authority as may be empowered by it in this behalf, ask or accept contributions to or otherwise associate himself with the raising of any fund in pursuance of any object whatsoever. No Government servant shall, except with the permission of the head of the office or department in which he works, shall apply for any concession, help or loan granted by the Government, if he is likely to deal with such application in his official capacity.The head of office or department shall, before granting such permission, satisfy himself that the applicant is not likely to take undue advantage of office in availing of the concession, help or loan. (1) Save as otherwise provided in these rules, no Government servant shall, except with the previous sanction of the Government, accept or permit any member of his family to accept any gift whatsoever from any person who is not a close relation of the family.The display by a Government servant on his person, vehicle or residence of any electoral symbol shall amount to using his influence in connection with an election, within the meaning of this sub-rule.No Government servant shall, except with the previous sanction of the Government, own, wholly or in part, or conduct or participate in editing or managing of any newspaper or other periodical publication.‘Strike’ means a cessation of work by a person or a body of persons employed in any office acting singly or in combination or a concerted refusal, or a refusal under a common understanding of any number of persons who are or have been so employed to continue to work or accept employment. No Government servant shall join, or continue to be a member of an association the objects or which are, in the opinion of Government, prejudicial to the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India or public order of morality.] 1[ 9-A.

2[ Provided that a Government servant may, without such sanction, undertake honorary work of a social or charitable nature or occasional work, a literary, artistic or scientific character, subject to the following conditions, namely :- (i) Canvassing by a Government servant in support of the business of insurance agency, commission agency, etc., owned or managed by any member of his family shall be deemed to be a breach of this sub-rule. It is true that the regulation contains a provision for effecting such transfer with the consent of the competent authority, but it is expected that this enabling clause will be sparingly used in exceptional circumstances only. GOVERNMENT OF ORISSA GENERAL ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT The 6th June, 1984 To All Secretaries to Department of Government All Heads of Departments All Collectors.

No Government servant shall make, or permit any member of his family to make, any investment likely to embarrass or influence him in the discharge of his official duties and where a Government servant fails to prevent a member of his family from making an investment of this nature, he shall make a report to that effect to the Government forthwith. Any violation of this instruction will be deemed as conduct unbecoming of a Government servant within the meaning of the Conduct Rules and render the Government servants concerned liable for disciplinary action. These instructions may be brought to the notice of all Government servants under your control. It is, therefore, reiterated that :- (i) every Government servant should scrupulously adhere to the provisions of the Conduct Rules relating to the consumption of intoxicating drinks or rugs; (ii) the disciplinary authorities should keep a strict watch on the conduct of all Government servants in regard to matter covered by the aforesaid provisions of the Conduct Rules; and (iii) the disciplinary authorities should take serious view of any violation of Rule 24(A) of the Orissa Government Servants’ Conduct Rules, 1959 and should not hesitate to impose the severest punishment on such Government servants who are proved guilty of violating the said rules.

If any question arises whether a security or investment is of the nature referred to in sub-rule (1) or sub-rule (2) the matter shall be referred to the Government or any officer authorised by it in this behalf and the decision of the Government thereon shall be final. The above instructions may be brought to the notice of all Government servants and the disciplinary authorities under your control for strict compliance.

It shall be the duty of every Government servant to endeavour to prevent any member of the family from taking part in, subscribing in aid of, or assisting in any other manner any movement or activity which is, or tends directly or indirectly to be subversive of the Government as by law established, and where a Government servant fails to prevent a member of his family from taking part in, or subscribing in aid of, or assisting in any other manner, any such movement or activity, he shall make a report to that effect to the Government and act according to the directions given by the Government in this regard.

a Government servant shall not be deemed to have contravened the provisions of this rule by reason only that he assists in the conduct of an election in the due performance of a duty imposed on him by or under any law for the time being the force.

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