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The contrast between Master P’s image as a high-rolling mogul and the rock-bottom, public access look of the film couldn’t be higher.Roughly around the point where the pickle incident happens, the film’s already precarious structure begins to unravel as several supporting characters are introduced.The poster for Internet Dating shows a clearly-shopped Williams shushing a woman who appears to be kissing his ear but is more likely to be kissing the air in a ‘studio’ set up in a U-Lock somewhere in Burbank.It uses the ever popular red-and-black typeface that has made films like Norbit (which also stars Williams!Scenes shot outside are fuzzy with background noise.Any and all logos are explicitly blurred out (Williams even sports a Lakers jersey that has to be blurred out, showcasing the care and thoughtful planning that has gone into this film) and every sign is digitally added.) such runaway successes and features the talents of music superstar Master P and his son Romeo (the artist formerly known as Lil’ Romeo, natch) as director and writer, respectively.Ten years ago, Master P was an unquestionable force in the entertainment industry, frequently landing in the list of the 40 highest-paid entertainers. One of the disadvantages of the digital age is that since our lives are increasingly spent online, fiction has to adapt and find new and dynamic ways to depict the most static and visually uninteresting activity next to sleeping.

Suffice to say that the insights in the thought bubbles are actually not all that insightful and sometimes downright idiotic.

It doesn’t help that the rest of the cast goes from disinterested to embarrassed to wildly over-the-top, but the worst performance of the film comes from Master P himself.

To continue my TLC comparison from earlier, let me say this: you know those painfully staged moments in reality TV when someone pretends to be working or discussing something with someone who isn’t a regular part of the show?

Katt Williams’ existence was shown to me through a popular Internet streaming service that stocks a rather impressive array of Katt Williams products and usually pairs them in its ingenious recommendation system with films by the aforementioned Perry.

Judging from the amount of specials he’s released, he’s a tremendously popular stand-up comedian and has had supporting roles in a few movies you may have heard of or stumbled across on TBS such as the third Friday sequel and its church-centric brethren, First Sunday.

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