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Weir and Money both live in Utah and have children from previous marriages.

After a slow start this season (Weir has missed the cut in eight out of the nine events played), Michelle could be just the trick to help the pro get back on track. He is a towering talent, capable of bursts of brilliance, like his finish at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines a year ago, when he won with a pair of back-nine eagles to blow open a tight battle with six holes to go.

For those who aren’t sure whether to love or loathe the total package he brings, his angry act is getting old. That’s because Rahm seems to believe the fuel that drives his success may share a chemistry with the same high-octane stuff that drives his bursts of temper.

If he tones down the octane in one, is he toning it down in the other?

The most earnest lose it once in a while, but Rahm is making a habit of it far more than any of the top players in the game today.

Rahm is just 23, still learning, still working with his mental coach on issues like this, but the harder he is on himself, the harder fans who do not like his tantrums will be on him.

Sometimes, I need to get mad.” Does he really need to get mad? History mostly tells us that if you can’t control your emotions in golf, you can’t control your golf ball.

So can Rahm pull off something extraordinarily rare in the game? Nobody is better at channeling microbursts of anger than Tiger Woods.

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And if things do work out, Weir better have a rose ready. He can also be a towering inferno, capable of bursts of petulance, like his finish Sunday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, when he slammed clubs in frustration, watching his chances go awry with wayward shots. This curious amalgam of brilliance and bluster both attracts and repels, making him riveting theater.

We’ve seen him lose more than his share of battles with his temper in the year and a half since he turned pro, from his outbursts at The Players and the Memorial last spring to his meltdown at the U. He has quickly become one of those players you can’t take your eyes off, because you aren’t sure if he should be playing a course atop Mount Olympus ... “Rahmbo” may already be one of the game’s most exciting players, but anyone who really cares about where he is headed has to watch with trepidation.

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