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(Wines from pro-Russian autonomous regions of Moldova have been deemed safe for Russian palates, however.) Many Moldovans are convinced that the apples and grapes that grow on their nation’s gently rolling hills are the next targets. Moldovan leaders, elected in 2009 on a pro-European platform, have said that after 23 years of post-Soviet life within Russia’s orbit, they are not convinced that they are the better for it.“Since Moldova’s independence, it became, unfortunately, the poorest country in Europe, with the lowest salaries and pensions, with the highest gas prices,” Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti said in an interview.With some of those states planning to sign a landmark deal Friday that will draw them closer to the European Union, the Kremlin is beaming out urgent warnings about the conse­quences.Russia has said it will flex its considerable muscle to squeeze any nation in the former Soviet orbit that seeks a future with Europe.I appreciate spiritual values and like when people see more than "things" as meterials. I like photography, I like music and active types of sports. Are you looking for a passionate and adventurous woman? I am a real lady, who is intelligent, very polite and calm. I am dreaming about honest man, who has good manners. I am so tired to be alone and want to give you my heart. All my free time I spend with my daughter but my big heart desires big real love.

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U., opinion polls show, and politicians say they want to maintain relations with Russia as well. We believe that our relationship with Russia should be developed with the respect of sovereignty.

Overall, 26 percent of Moldova’s exports go to Russia and 47 percent to the E. Our interest is one thing — to develop Moldova,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Iulian Groza.

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