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The Arab music icon also reached another milestone this year when she crossed the 1 million subscription mark on You Tube in April.

DUBAI: Lebanese star Nancy Ajram and her husband Dr.

I just don't want all the complaining to confuse her that we don't want her videos and to discourage her. I've examined her instagam and there is a lot of romantic stuff, love confessions, so I may assume that she won't fuck with anyone else until they are together, at least on camera.

“It was an honor to meet His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the #dubaiworldcup #2017 #dubai #nancyajram,” the singer posted on her social media accounts alongside a photo of the meeting. The singer, who was the center of attention at the event, shared exclusive pictures on social media for her fans.

The Ghassanids were defenders of the buffer zone against the other Bedouins penetrating Roman territory. Geographically, it occupied much of Syria, Mount Hermon (Lebanon), Jordan and Israel, part of present Iraq, Saudi Arabia and its authority extended via tribal alliances with other Azdi tribes all the way to the northern Hijaz as far south as Yathrib (Medina).

The Prince Gharios El Chemor and members of the Ghassanid Royal Family were officially received by the Head of the Royal House of the Albanians, HRH Crown Prince Leka II.

Over 80,000 guests, including senior government officials, gathered at Dubai’s Meydan Racecourse to find out which is the best horse in the world. The Dubai World Cup Race Day is the biggest sporting and social occasion on the Dubai calendar.

The event attracts the most high profile owners, trainers, horses and jockeys to Dubai’s exquisite Meydan Racecourse.

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