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He says in Revelation 2 that if Jezebel doesn't repent, He will throw her on a sickbed and those who commit adultery with her.In another article, I'll share with you how to discern a Jezebel attack against your life and how to throw Jezebel down.

If anyone tries to bring accountability, they accuse them of being a Jezebel.11.

Jezebel brings readers back to the source of the biblical story, a rich and dramatic saga featuring evil schemes and underhanded plots, war and treason, false gods and falser humans, and all with the fate of entire nations at stake.

At its center are just one woman and one man—the sophisticated Queen Jezebel and the stark prophet Elijah.

We see Queen Jezebel in the Old Testament—a prophet-killing monarch and murderer who was ultimately eaten by dogs.

We also see Jezebel, a woman who calls herself a prophetess, in Revelation .

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