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This will insure that the design of the coat of arms is in fact directly linked to their own particular family and not simply someone who is unrelated, but happens to share the same surname as their own; for details about how individual Coat of Arms or Crests are produced in wood or bronze; The word Herald is said to derive from the Anglo-Saxon word here meaning an army and wald meaning strength, although it is thought it originated from the German word Herold.

Many heralds were originally minstrels who after tournaments or battles extolled the deeds of the victors.

The achievement is firstly composed of the Shield which the most important part of the design, has the charge painted upon it.As a token of their office they began to wear the coats of arms of the leaders they served.Today, the heralds continue the tradition of collating and recording family history to ensure the unique collection of records dating back many centuries are preserved for the future.In those days, Kings, Dukes and Knights would employ men in their households called heralds, the dual role as minstrel and messenger led the herald to then recount the deeds of his master and as time went by his masters ancestors.Heralds were originally appointed to organize and make the announce at tournaments, to act as diplomats and to record the various insignia borne by the individuals and to carry as a non combatant messenger, messages from place to place, as well as to make declarations of war.

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