Two way chatroom masturbation

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I pull down my trunks and squirt some suntan lotion on the bloated ball to make it really slippery.

Then I lay on top of the ball, hugging it and rolling back and forth as my penis glides back and forth oh, oh , oh, I fuck the beach ball like that until I`m ready to cum...

They are beach balls with a "pussy" tube through the ball with a hole on either side.

They are very fun in the bathtub when hot, soapy and slippery, mmm!

When I would look up the fireexcape stairs at school, i would watch the girls come down the fire excape and I would see their sweet innocent nylon panties. When i came home from school i would go into my bedrm and close the door & undress myself and take a pair of my mothers panties and i would rub my cock into them to bring on a sperm shot. Thats because i was thinking of the girl i saw in her white nylon see thru panties. to this day i enjoy masterbation in womens panties. When I get totally hard I put on my favorite vibrating cock ring.

and when i did get a girl i took her to bed with me and we made out in her panties. I love panties i havea pair of nylon panties im going masterbate in. I like to watch porn while sniffing my wife's panties.

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I then make sure I am watching the free 2 minute porn preview on the hotel TV and pump my cock into the pillows. I love to masterbate and cum inside of these new inflatable "sprinkler" balls I found on ebay. i was cumming into my mothers panties 20 shots at a time soon bringing on a very heavy erection. From that day on i never looked back, i always masterbated every night i could.About 1 minute later, I cum all over my wife's panties.I lube and fold the cushion, and hump into it, often using another as an artificial mount and have mouth contact with it while thrusting.I eventually go rigid and ejaculate, in an intese release.

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