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Hassan asks Theeb not to betray him, considering how he let Theeb eat with him.

The next day, the pair mount the camel and head towards an Ottoman rail station.

The boy weeps for his murdered brother and buries him in the sand.

Theeb spends the day wandering around the canyon, and eventually notices a camel heading towards him from the distance.

The group then notice that they are being watched by a group of men in the distance.

After they reach the well, they discover that it is contaminated by blood from slaughtered bodies thrown into it.

Hussein and Theeb hide from the raiders; when night falls, another engagement with the raiders leaves Hussein dead.

While trying to escape, Theeb trips and falls into the well. He manages to climb up the next day, and finds himself stranded in the desert.

Hussein leads them to another nearby well in a canyon, where they are ambushed.

Edward and Marji are suddenly shot dead from a distance.

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